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This video — one of the 8 in the collection — includes: — Anatomy of the pelvic floor and anal area — Warm up massage for the butt and thighs — Techniques for external and internal anal touch — Male and Female anal massage — How to milk the prostate and massage the G-spot through the anus — Positions for anal massage Experience the most beautiful demonstration of anal touch as fingers play on rosebuds.

  • And Levin thinks its time for scientists to fill these gaps in our knowledge.

Also Check: How To Explore Prostate Orgasm Prostate orgasm can be explored either solo or with a partner.

  • Just try it once for yourself or your partner How To Milk The Prostate: A Step Why Men Use The Prostate Milking Techniques In My Video, Learn How From An Expert How to milk the prostate? I just cannot seem to find my prostate.