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  • ECOT is a public school and is tuition-free for all students residing in Ohio. ECOT provides a computer, printer/scanner (as needed) and broadband connection in most areas, also at no charge to you. Students will be responsible, however, for providing printer ink and paper. There may be nominal fees associated with non-computer related curriculum such as science lab work and field trip opportunities.

  • Any child between the ages of five and 21 years at the beginning of the school year, residing in Ohio.

  • Student & Family FAQ

  • Student & Family FAQ

  • Yes, please call ECOT at 1.888.684.4214. We can help direct you to the best place to get a copy of that birth certificate, as well as any other missing documentation.

  • Do not withdraw from your current school until you’ve logged on to ECOT’s IQity® learning system for the first time. ECOT provides a form that authorizes the School District of Residence to withdraw a student from his or her current school of enrollment. The form requires a responsible adult signature.

  • Yes, your first best step would be to check our student help center https://support.ecotoh.net. If you are unable to find an answer to your question there please give us a call at the ECOT Technical Support Help Desk at 1.877.430.4542, Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Technical Support Agents respond to each problem individually to ensure your child is able to access his or her online curriculum.

  • ECOT provides up to one computer per student at the option of the parent. You may use your own computer if you prefer. In most areas, ECOT also offers a high-speed cable connection for students to connect to ECOT's secure Web-based network, or Intranet.

  • No, ECOT is able to provide students the use of a computer with necessary components only while enrolled in ECOT. Once the student is no longer enrolled, ECOT will collect the computer and all equipment.

  • Lessons are taught online via a high-speed, secure Intranet connection to the ECOT server. Students using the ECOT-supplied computer will not be able to surf to unauthorized sites on the Internet.