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Middle school is a time of growth for students, both personally and academically. In the ECOT Middle School, students and their parents appreciate the flexibility of learning from home, working at their own pace and attending live sessions at various hours throughout the day. Clubs, organizations, and social events are all becoming more important to growing students, and ECOT students are encouraged to become active in their school beyond the classroom. In addition:
  • All Middle School teachers meet the Ohio Standards for Highly Qualified Teacher status in the subject areas they teach and are committed to providing quality instructional activities and lessons for students.
  • ECOT provides a team approach to learning, where students receive the attention of two teachers in each Middle School grade level.
To prevent students from falling behind, ECOT intervention specialists will contact parents to help get students back on track. The Middle School course of study is based on the Ohio Academic Content Standards and is designed to promote planning and good study habits that will serve ECOT learners throughout their school years and beyond.
Unlike most traditional classroom settings:
  • ECOT works to identify and meet the personal needs of each student, offering individualized assistance for students through the LIFT program, as well as enrichment activities for advanced students.
A rigorous curriculum to challenge middle schoolers, caring teachers to help them thrive, combined with fun and exciting activities like field trips, science fairs, and social gatherings, all add up to make ECOT the perfect learning environment for students.
Language Arts 08

he eighth grade language arts course is designed to give students a background and understanding of both fiction and nonfiction, including novels, short stories, informational texts, visual texts, digital media, drama, and poetry with increasing levels of rigor and text complexity within the grade eight Lexile band. This course places a strong emphasis on the development of literacy skills. Students will develop critical reading skills and will engage in argumentative, informational, and narrative writing tasks that will require them to utilize the writing process and Standard English writing conventions. Students will expand their research skills and use text-based evidence in their writing and discussions. Speaking and listening skills will also be applied throughout the course.



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